Litti Choka

Litti Express was started in June 2013 by a Ashish Parashar and Lataji. They translated their longing for food from their homes in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan into a sustainable business model.

When Arun Gupta (23) finished his MBA from Mumbai University, he decided to junk the comfy placement process to start his own venture. His risk-taking venture was a new product and, as far as world of IT is concerned, Arun’s idea was truly unconventional.

litti chokha

"I grew up on litti chokha and missed it a lot when I moved to Mumbai. I was also quite impressed with the vada pav model and wondered if I could add litti chokha to the rich street-food culture here," he says.

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Few know this, but litti chokha is perhaps one of the healthiest street foods one can have. Sattu is a rich source of fibre, is easy to digest and cleans up the stomach. "If you’re health conscious, then litti is better than most street foods you’ll come across,'

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